General terms and conditions

Art. 1 – Applicable Conditions

The CARACOTEEN website is an e-commerce site that is accessible via the address.
The website is published by the Mama Mouchka SARL Company, with a capital of 7580 € Euros, whose headquarters are located at 88 Ave. Delattre de Tassigny, 06400 Cannes, France and registered at the Trade Register for Commerce and Industry of Cannes France, under the reference number 793 927 534 R.C.S. Cannes

The website provides online shopping of feminine lingerie of the CARACOTEEN Brand.

Placing an order or accepting an offer from the vendor is in itself an acceptance of the present general conditions without reservation.

Mama Mouchka SARL reserves the rights to either adapt or modify the present general conditions at any time. In that case, the new sales conditions will be applied only to orders placed after the new conditions are published.

Any contracting party contends having full legal capacity.

Art. 2 - Offers and Prices

The prices of products are listed in Euros, inclusive of all French taxes and VAT. They do not include any dispatching or shipping fees (See Art. 8 Delivery).

Any order, whichever its country of origin is payable in Euros.

Prices may be modified at any time, however, invoicing of products will be based upon the current pricelist, at the time of order registration, with reservation as to product availability at that particular date.

Products remain the property of Mama Mouchka SARL until the Company collects the entire payment of the ordered products.

Our products’ offerings are available only within stocks’ availability and the valid dates of offer.

Art. 3 – Ordering and conditions

Ordering is available to all individual clients of legal-age having full legal capacity, from our website

To order, the Buyer creates a client account, filling-in all the fields described in the registration form, especially the mandatory ones concerning identification (valid Email address, the Buyer’s personal and confidential password).

This information will remain strictly confidential (See Art.9).

As soon as an order is registered, the Buyer (client) shall receive an acknowledgement receipt which confirms her/his acceptance and which forms the proof of a contract, which will list more specifically the goods ordered, their price, the date of order and the client’s full details.

Art. 4 - Order unavailability and transaction’s validity

All products on sale are subject to availability within the limits of stocks.

Mama Mouchka SARL will not be held responsible for not fulfilling the contract, in the event of product’s unavailability.

In the event that a product is unavailable, the Buyer will be notified, either at the time of the order or within a period of 8 days following the order, via E-mail.

The Buyer may send a message within 2 (two) working days after receipt of the above notification to to either cancel or change her/his order.

Moreover, Mama Mouchka reserves the rights to cancel any client’s order, in the event of existing litigation with the Buyer, or when payment problem have previously occurred, or in relation to accepting previous orders.

Art. 5 – Payment

Payment and order details are sent through a secure connection that uses an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) mode via a banking validation server. The whole payment transaction and information are encrypted based on the generally accepted standards of SSL encryption.

Art. 6 – Right to Cancel

The Buyer has a delay of fourteen (14) days, starting from the date of delivery, to return product(s) that do not meet her/his expectations, in their original packaging, at her/his own expense. Mama Mouchka SARL will reimburse the returned product(s) by crediting her/his credit card.

The goods must be returned in their original condition and packaging, together with the invoice. The return of goods is at the Buyer’s expense and own risk.

Art. 7 – Refund

The return of one or all the ordered article(s), will give right to the reimbursement of these products via the Buyer’s credit card, within a period of fourteen (14) days as from the date of receiving the goods by, in their original condition and packaging,

Art. 8 – Delivery

Goods will be delivered to the address indicated by the Buyer. In the event that the Buyer is absent, the package will be left at the nearest Post Office. A notice will be left with the client, so that he/she may go and retrieve the parcel within a period of 10 days.
If the goods are delivered via courriers (for international clients), a notice will also be left at the client’s address, so that he/she may contact the courriers services and fix a new delivery date.

If the goods are not collected within the aforementioned period, they will be returned to  Caracoteen’s Client Relations services will then contact the buyer to agree for a new delivery date.  Should the client not respond within a reasonable time, Caracoteen will reimburse the client for the goods ordered.

Should the client not retrieve his/her parcel within the time limit and that the said parcel was returned to, the return costs will be borne by the Client.

The products will be delivered by the French postal services, “Colissimo Suivi” for France and “DHL” for the other countries, usually within 10 working days, from the order registration day and payment.

It is understood that Mama Mouchka SARL is free from any liability if delivery delays are not met due to partial or global strikes of postal services, or if the parcel is held at Customs with unexpected delays, as well as from any loss of products caused by postal services.

If delivery is delayed, the Buyer will inform Caracoteen by Email to,  so that our CARACOTEEN Customer Services may contact the postal services and proceed with inquiries.

Upon receipt of the products, the Buyer shall check that those products are as per her/his order. In the event of any claim regarding the parcel and/or its contents, the Buyer must write it on the postal receipt and send it together with the products that do not conform to the original order, within the legal delay of fourteen (14) days from the delivery date, to Mama Mouchka SARL, 88 Ave. Delattre de Tassigny, 06400 Cannes. France.  Any claims that do not meet these conditions will be rejected. And Mama Mouchka SARL will automatically be freed from any liability.

The Buyer must reject any package that has suffered damage in transit.

In order to benefit from the guarantee, the delivered goods must bear the original label and the packaging must remain intact. Otherwise, the Buyer will not be entitled to any claim.

This will also be the case when the buyer does not inform us in writing of any reserves issued during delivery.

Mama Mouchka SARL may deliver partial orders. If this is the case, only the goods actually delivered will be debited from the Buyer’s account. If the partial delivery is the responsibility of Mama Mouchka Sarl, the processing and shipment costs will be invoiced for one shipment only

Art. 9 – Data Protection

e-commerce requires mandatory information. It is essential for processing the Buyer’s order, delivering the products and invoicing.

This information is strictly confidential.

If the Buyer does not provide the information required, the order is automatically rejected.

As per Law N°78-17 modified and dated 6th January 1978 concerning data protection, the Buyer is entitled to modify, or cancel her/his data. In this case, the Buyer must send a letter to Customer Services, Mama Mouchka SARL, 88 Av. Delattre de Tassigny, 06400 Cannes, France, or Email her/his requested to:  

Art. 10  - Liability

The products on sale are made in accordance with the present European legislation. However, the Buyer must ensure that the products she/he orders and asks for delivery conform to local legislation.

Visuals and texts are not contractual. Therefore, Mama Mouchka SARL cannot be held responsible in the event of an error in any visual or texts thereof.

Mama Mouchka SARL is not liable for the non-fulfilment of a contract due to circumstances beyond its control, such as disruption or global strike of the postal services, delays at local customs, disruption of internet connections, flooding, fire, etc.,.

Mama Mouchka SARL accepts no responsibility for damages due to unauthorized interference of a third party resulting in the change of any information on their website whether visual or textual or resulting in the change, theft or unauthorized use of any order or payment transaction data.

Art. 11 – Copyright

Intellectual property such as Copyright, Author’s rights, Registered Trademark’s rights,  Patent rights, Image and Design rights, regarding the documents featured in this website, as well as all the elements created for this site are the exclusive property of “Caracoteen” Mama Mouchka SARL. They do not confer any right other than visiting the website for personal and private use.

Partial or full reproduction of elements in this website are strictly forbidden.
All rights of reproduction reserved.

Art. 12 – Law - Jurisdiction

This contract is drafted according to the French law. In the event of any litigation between parties, concerning the form, fulfilment and cessation of the contractual obligation that cannot be settled amicably, only the Courts of France will be competent.

Art. 13– Contact

Should you have any queries, you may contact us at and we will answer your queries with pleasure.

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