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Today’s lingerie aims to be functional, comfortable and elegant.
With “Caracoteen” Lingerie  young girls and young women have the guarantee of the alliance of comfort and femininity on a daily basis.
That is why the quality and the choice of fabric is paramount.


Finer and softer than MODAL, this fibre feels like a natural second skin and is ideal for lingerie.

Modal is a fibre that has been extracted from wooden cellulose.  Being a natural raw material, it is soft, supple and silky, and with high comfort. Modal has special characteristics in that it remains supple and soft even after several washes. It is a particularly absorbent and breathing material and reacts very much like viscose.

Modal has similar properties to cotton. Hence, it offers excellent cutaneous tolerance and is deformation-free. Modal has many properties such as being a natural highly breathable fabric with a very easy care. Its highly soft feel makes Modal an ideal material for lingerie.



Microfibers appeared in Japan and Finland 30 years ago.
A fabric made from microfibers aims at obtaining a silky, soft and a comfortable look and feel; it is a waterproof breathable fabric.

Microfibers are typically one hundred times thinner than the average human hair with essential characteristics for hygiene and comfort. Hence, using it for lingerie.  It sits like a second skin.

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